Lifting Weights At Home – How To Stick To Your Workout Plan!

Finding the motivation to workout can be hard, particularly if you are lifting weights at home. The desire can be there but doing something about it or taking that next step is something that eludes many of us. We imagine what it would be like to have a muscular, well-defined physique, to be physically strong and look good, but the commitment needed to achieve this can often be off-putting before we’ve even started on our weight lifting journey.

If only we had the motivation required to build such an awesome body, then it would be easy right? Well it kind of would be, the truth is; motivation, commitment and discipline are the hardest things to acquire, but once you have them you will become unstoppable. The workouts and nutritional elements of bodybuilding come after. If you are asking how you can stick to your muscle building goals then the answer is that you have to acquire the correct mindset first. The right mentality.

Acquiring The Correct Mindset

This mindset is acquired in several ways but the primary route to success is through repetition. Repeat something enough times and it will eventually become a natural neurological process to you, a habit, an unconscious part of your daily behavior – this is the key to success, not only for the development of your physique but for anything you want to achieve!

In order for you to talk yourself into repeating a daily action (working out with weights) the daily action has to be something that is completely agreeable and acceptable to your conscious mind. You make this daily action acceptable by ensuring that it is easily accessible, convenient and fits in easily with your personal needs, daily activities and plans. In other words; the less resistant you are to this new behavior, the less chance you will have of finding an excuse to not do it.

Removing Distractions

If you have everything you need to perform your workouts at home, readily available and to hand whenever you need them (and this can consist of just a couple of bits of equipment) the easier it is to create a habit out of using them. Start off small, take baby steps and work your way up. 

It’s easier to convince yourself into doing a couple of reps a day than a full workout to begin with. Make an initial commitment of picking the weight up and getting into the correct position to do the exercise and then reward yourself by going to watch TV, the first step really can be that small.

What we are talking about here is momentum, do anything you can to get that momentum going, take that first step and then just maintain it by repeating it, without even thinking about it. Don’t overthink it or wait till you’re in the right mood, just do it now. Promise yourself to do 1 or 2 reps, how hard is that? Once you’ve stuck to it, increasing the amount of reps and sets you do will be easy because you’ve already made picking that weight up, or getting that weight bench out, part of your daily routine.

Have the equipment in plain sight, ready to use whenever you wish and ensure the kit you have is easy to use and requires little setting up. Adjustable dumbbell sets allow you to switch to whatever weight you require and then lift, no messing about with removing or adding plates. A folding weight bench will allow you to position yourself correctly and quickly to perform your exercise and then fold away neatly to store it somewhere convenient.

The least amount of time spent goofing around, setting things up, the better. These are just distractions and opportunities for you to create excuses. Lift the weight, put it down and crack on with your day. If you think there is something that you may use as an excuse to not pick the weight up, remove it from the scenario – make things easier for yourself.

We’re talking about developing the daily motivation to train, to develop that motivation we want to convince ourselves that what we are attempting is relatively easy, no big deal and this is why lifting weights at home with the minimal amount of kit is a great way of evolving the mentality and self-discipline that is needed to change your physique.

Setting New Standards

Another great way of developing positive habits and making positive changes in your behavior is to use visualization, visualize the physique you want to achieve and set that as your new standard. The great motivational speaker and coach Tony Robbins has said that by changing our standards we change our behavior and when we change our behavior, we change our results. This couldn’t be more true.

Someone with a great physique, who regularly trains with dedication and focus has set themselves a higher standard than someone who struggles to commit to exercise and is unhappy with their body. Their behavior reflects this.

Tell yourself that the body you desire is who you really are and that body, naturally, requires you to exercise. Shut down any negative self-talk immediately before it grows legs and make THAT your new standard. Once the standards you have set yourself change, so will your behavior and then ultimately your results.

Talking To Yourself

Changing your personal self-talk can help greatly with your motivation to train. What kind of things are you saying to yourself? Are you helping yourself? Supporting yourself? Or are you talking yourself out of training? Telling yourself this is hard or that you ‘can’t’.

STOP this negativity in its tracks IMMEDIATELY. Tell yourself a new story, a better story, a more encouraging, helpful story;

  • I ENJOY testing my strength
  • I ENJOY the feeling of my body getting stronger
  • I ENJOY the satisfaction I get after a workout
  • I CAN feel my body growing
  • I CAN do this, look at the thousands of other people who have made amazing changes to their bodies
  • My body is designed to GROW
  • My muscles are designed to MOVE
  • I have NO OTHER CHOICE than to workout, to lift weights, to build muscle, this is it for me
  • It’s going to be so awesome having an amazing physique
  • I AM someone that SHOULD HAVE a well-developed physique, I’ve always known this
  • Training hard is EASY
  • Once I pick up a weight, I AM ON IT, there is no stopping me

Now you think of some more things that you can say to yourself, this is actually quite fun! Remember, you’re not building the Taj Mahal here, you’re building muscle. Stop wimping out NOW, drop your excuses and pick up the god-damn weight!

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