Lifting Weights At Home – The Pros and Cons of Home Workouts

With the ever-increasing number of gyms and the competitive membership fees that many offer, working out at home can be a form of training that is overlooked by some, but in our busy lives convenience is priority and when it comes to our physical health, taking time out to hit the gym can be tricky.

We all know that exercising is important but quite often, fitting an exercise program into your daily routine can prove so challenging that you simply don’t stick to your fitness plan. In this article we will cover the pro’s and con’s of ‘lifting at home’.

The Pro’s of Home Workouts

Exercise needs to be accessible and convenient to your lifestyle if you are to have any chance of sticking to your workout goals. Unless your local gym is on your door step, you may struggle to fit enough visits in per week to achieve your desired fitness results or muscle building goals, especially when you have to fit travel time into the equation.

For parents, getting out the house to hit the gym can be troublesome at times, lifting weights at home obviously means you don’t have to leave the house, meaning you can still fit in your workouts. Sometimes it can be hard to make our workouts a priority but that’s the only way we will achieve the results we want. It can be a little easier at times if you have the kit you need to train at home with you.

Building your confidence – as well as your body

Performing strength training workouts at home has some other benefits too, many potential gym goers don’t feel quite ready to step into a gym full of other people and workout in front of them, we’ve all been there at some point. Sometimes getting some practice in and refining your lifting technique at home is all that’s needed to gain that extra bit of confidence before stepping into a gym. Everyone likes to feel prepared right?

The waiting game

One of the issues many regular gym goers complain of is having to wait to use equipment. Many gyms can become overwhelmingly busy at times and it can be extremely frustrating when you are having to fight a crowd to finish your workout. This isn’t necessarily an issue in the largest gyms where they have multiple pieces of the same kit but if it’s a smaller gym, this is something you will more than likely experience from time to time.

Saving money

There are financial benefits to be made when you choose to train at home!

Gym membership can be expensive. You don’t necessarily have to become a fully paid up member to use a gym as most gyms offer a ‘pay as you go’ option but this entrance charge normally works out to be prohibitively expensive compared to paying monthly and often before you begin paying monthly you may have to pay an upfront membership charge.

So how much is gym membership? In the U.S. the average monthly gym membership costs around $58. This membership cost will vary depending on where you live – if you live in a city then you will be paying a lot more than if you join a gym in a small town. For example; the average gym membership in New York City is around $134 per month!

Avoiding travel

If you join a gym you need to find something local, if you have to go out of your way traveling across town every time you want to workout this is quickly going to have a negative impact on your motivation to train. Also, you’ll need to fit your workout in with the opening times of the gym – although there are some gyms that have 24 hour access.

Making success more accessible!

Working out at home frees up time to fit in your workouts whenever YOU want. You can train when it absolutely suits you best, or simply when you feel the urge to lift some weights! That accessibility, that convenience, is often enough to ensure you continue training and ultimately reach your goals.

Training at the gym – and at home – or at least having the kit at home that you can complete a workout with, can act as a great back up plan. Someone who is dedicated to their muscle building goals will know that things can unexpectedly pop up from time to time and will have some weights on standby in case they have to cancel their trip to the gym.

Not missing an opportunity to stimulate muscle growth and remaining consistent in your training is key to your success. I’ve often grabbed my dumbbells from my closet and smashed out a few reps in my living room just to get a bit of arm training in – that I would’ve otherwise missed!

The Cons of Home Workouts

Is there a downside to training at home? Working out at home can certainly have it’s limitations, unless you have a dedicated room in your house that is fully equipped with all the latest equipment you are never going to have access to the same kind of kit you would be able to use in a gym.

That being said, if you are equipped with the essentials and just as importantly, the knowledge to perform the best exercises in the correct manner, there is no reason that you cannot achieve exactly the same results at home.


A big limitation to lifting weights at home is space. Finding enough room to perform workouts in your home can definitely be an issue. You need to ensure you have the space to store equipment and then you need to make sure you have the space to use it!

Choose an area free of clutter and with no breakable or fragile furnishings around. Also, you may have to be aware of people that live with you. Swinging heavy weights about in your lounge whilst family members are also using the space isn’t particularly safe or considerate!

Plan ahead – find the best (and safest) place in your home to perform your workouts, decide on what equipment best suits your needs and know exactly what lifts you’ll be performing before you start.

Noise!! Chucking weights about can create noise – no shit, but seriously, you need to be careful when you’re moving weights around and when you’re lifting them, especially if you are upstairs or if your neighbors are easily upset. Also, performing any of the big compound lifts with a barbell is going to be tricky in the average house and probably very noisy, so these are basically a no go!


Getting in the right frame of mind and committing to your workout schedule can be challenging whether you join a gym or train at home.

Often, gym goers will say that the act of going to the gym – maybe changing into their gym clothes, leaving the house or taking their kit bag with them on that particular day, is enough to ensure they actually go.

Keeping your focus is something you need to constantly be aware of. Having your weightlifting equipment at home – in the place where you normally relax, sleep, watch TV and sit on the sofa could mean that you get distracted, distractions that you wouldn’t have in a gym.

Gym buddies – Many people will hit the gym with a friend or training partner. This can be a key component to many peoples success, having some accountability and encouragement from another.

There’s also the benefit of having a spotter, someone who’s got your back when you’re performing some heavier, riskier lifts. Joining a gym may also mean access to a personal trainer, someone who writes you out a tailor made program as well as all the above – at a cost of course.

Getting lonely – Training at home may mean going it alone, something you have to be OK with. Unless of course you can get your mates to join you in your garage!

Weighing it all up

As you can see, there are lots of reasons for and against training at home and likewise for joining a gym. Ultimately you know what suits you best and what your personal preferences are because there are clear advantages to both.

What we have discovered is that being prepared and having multiple options for your workouts could be one of the key ingredients to your success.

So, having options can mean you stick to your training and if there’s a single product on the market that assists the weightlifter with this it has to be the adjustable dumbbell.

This piece of equipment combines convenience and ease of use in one flexible package, so check out the reviews and best deals on LiftatHome.com.

Now it’s up to you. Good luck with your weightlifting journey and feel free to leave a comment!


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